The former gangster turned crown witness in the Klansman Gang Trial was recalled to the stand on Monday to again identify voices in audio recordings between himself and other alleged members of the gang. The witness previously testified to secretly recording these telephone conversations to help the state in dismantling what he called then, a murderous gang.

The prosecution in the trial led the former gang member turned crown witness through audio which he said he secretly recorded while having conversations with other alleged members. In the first recording, the witness says the alleged gang leader Andre ‘Blackman’ Bryan instructed him and others to carry out a shooting at an area in Spanish Town, that they call Borderline.

In the audio, explosions sounding like gunshots could be heard, however, before the witness could finish his account of the incident, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes questioned the relevance of the evidence, if it is linked to any of the charges on the indictment. To which the prosecution said no, but found it relevant in lending credibility to evidence given prior – An explanation which did not suffice.

In another instance, the prosecution disclosed its intent to have the court listen to a one-hour and 3-minute-long recording. Justice Sykes interjected, asking again about the relevance of the recording…The prosecution said it is related to a charge on the indictment, a double murder, and arson. After being pressed, the prosecution noted that they would only be interested in 2-minutes of the recording.

Chief Justice Sykes issued another warning to the prosecution to be more pointed with the volume of evidence being presented. He went on to say, “for future trials the evidence has to be more detailed so that the tribunal can know what is connected to what.” “With no clear connection to the indictment,” he says, “the mass of evidence being presented consumes a lot of time.”

Justice Sykes notes that such a general opening will not happen again, adding it is a solemn promise. The prosecution intends to call their final witness on Tuesday when the trial reconvenes. Watch the full report:

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