In the aftermath of the recent 5.6 magnitude earthquake that struck Jamaica, causing structural damage and widespread panic, telecommunications company FLOW successfully restored its critical underwater cables. The cables, crucial for global connectivity, were damaged during the October 30 earthquake but are now back online following weeks of extensive repair efforts. FLOW announced the completion of repairs to its undersea cable network, spanning approximately 6 kilometers of underwater fiber optic cables across two cable systems. The intricate operation, lasting about two weeks, was skillfully executed by the experienced team aboard the Wave Sentinel cable ship, led by Captain Adrian Feltham.

Despite the perils of the project, FLOW reassured customers that its network remained fully operational throughout the repair period, ensuring uninterrupted service. Captain Feltham acknowledged the challenges faced during the restoration efforts. Delroy McLean, Senior Director for Cable and Wireless Business, explained that the earthquake’s magnitude severely damaged the cable links, necessitating a dual repair effort. He highlighted that the operation allowed the team to identify additional routes for its cable systems, potentially enhancing resilience against future seismic events. The successful restoration of FLOW’s cables is a significant development, safeguarding Jamaica’s vital links to the global network and demonstrating the company’s commitment to maintaining uninterrupted services for its customers.

Reporter: Natalia Clarke 

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