Five Women Charged For Beating of Kaylan Dowdie

The five women suspected of beating and stabbing  Kaylan Dowdie are to face the court come next week. Meanwhile, Veneisha Buckley,  Kaylan’s mother says her daughter’s condition remains critical, almost two weeks after the incident.

Buckley is a mother of two with a younger daughter. She says the situation has left her other daughter distraught.

A teary-eyed Buckley says the incident has transformed her life,  as her entire existence now revolves around doing what she can to assist in Kaylan’s recovery. 

Buckley explained to CVM Live that her home is now a silent space without kaylan’s singing.  

Miss Buckley says fraudsters have created a go-fund-me account with her daughter’s name  to get money from unaware donors..

The women suspected of beating and stabbing the teen have now been charged and are expected to face court next week