Five Subpoenas Requested by Defense

The Klansman Gang Trial resumed after a 3-day break. The defense continued its case with a witness from the horizon remand centre.  Though proceedings began smoothly, attorneys had to recalibrate their efforts to solidify their arguments.

Chief Justice Bryan Sykes estimates that at the current pace, the Klansman Gang trial will stretch further in the year. Despite being given three days to prepare their cases, there were still missing elements in the defense’s case. This included creating an adequate statutory foundation to admit evidence for select defendants.

Five subpoenas have been requested by the defense in relation to the cases of Tareek James and Donovan Richards. The attorney for Tareek James notified the court that the person who wrote the records for the Spanish Town lockup has been on suspension since 2018.

Even though his whereabouts are unknown, a subpoena was granted. She had an inspector from the lockup take the stand to explain that efforts were made that same afternoon to track him down. The inspector was not able to say if the police would be able to find him.

Another missing officer dents the case for Donovan Richards. His attorney requested four subpoenas, three for officers who have been relocated and another for an officer who has been suspended since 2021.

At the revelation that there is still some evidence to be presented Chief Justice Bryan Sykes said that “at this point, it’s unlikely that the trial will finish this (legal) term.” he remarked that tracking these police officers is not the best use of resources.

Before the day’s proceedings ended a witness from the Horizon Remand Center testified in Pete Miller’s case. The officer confirmed the days when Miller was dispatched to court between January and August 2017.

Court resumes on Tuesday at 10 am with more witness testimonies. Watch the report:

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell

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