The first batch of farmworkers was sent off on Friday to Canada- the first set to leave for the new year for the farmworker program. It is a part of a 54-year partnership between Canada and Jamaica and is expected to benefit both countries economically.

Jamaican men who have been recruited for the 2020 farm work programme in Canada. For some, it will be their first time traveling. For others, it has become a career. The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security revealed that approximately 230 thousand workers have been sent to Canada over a 50-year period-an exchange that has benefited both countries’ economies.

“You are not only working for yourselves, your families, your communities but all of you are working to build Jamaica and make Jamaica a better place,” Colette Roberts Risden added.

The bilateral agreement between Canada and Jamaica has seen local contribution through skilled workers with Jamaicans aiding Canada’s Agricultural development and impacting Jamaica’s growth.

“The seasonal agricultural programme benefits the Jamaican economy. Many of you will take your earnings back to Jamaica or send some to your relatives while you are still abroad,” Migration Counsellor . Candace Brooks said.

The call is now being made for the 228 workers to maintain the highest standards so that Canadian employers will continue to demand their service.

“Be mindful that you’re embarking on a journey, a well-trodden path where many have come before you. You are building the legacy of the Jamaican worker – a worker who is dedicated, motivated, hardworking, reliable and competent,” said State Minister in the Ministry of  Labour and Social Security, Zavia Mayne.