Fireman’s Last Call, in Ocho Rios

Wednesday’s crash in Ocho Rios St Ann which claimed the life of 25-year-old fireman Lorenzo Douse is deja vu for the division, and the Ocho Rios Station.  In September last year, two other firefighters who had completed their duties and were on their way home were killed in another car crash. Permission has been granted for nine staff members to go off duty, in grief, even as the nation mourns this tragedy.  

 A day after, Assistant Commissioner Julia Davis-Buckley pulls pieces of the fireman’s shattered visor, which is a part of his helmet from the back of the ill-fated unit where he was pinned down…had it not been for his protective fire suit, his body would have not outlasted the flames that ignited; even though survival from the impact was impossible. Watch the report:

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