Fire Ravages Homes in Central Kingston – At least two families are now homeless following a fire in the Central Kingston area on the morning of August 10. Several persons were also injured as a result of the blaze. There is a call now being made for assistance to help the families recover. The fire reportedly started at 4 AM and destroyed the homes of two families.

One of the residents who suffered minor injuries from the fire shared with CVM LIVE his experience.
“Like a man a seh them gas the mattress and the mattress get blaze up inna the place,” said Samuel Marcus. “I don’t know where I’m going to stay right now. All I have to do is look up a piece of board and get relax until something gets back. we seeking some help from Jamaican people right now.”

CVM LIVE understands that had the Fire Brigade not acted quickly, the damage could have been far worse. It was reported that there were three (3) gasoline cylinders that had been caught in the blaze but flames were extinguished quickly.

“This experience goes to show you a few critical things – one around the responsiveness of our fire services and their equipment being effective so they can put out the thing (fire) effectively,” said the People’s National Party (PNP) MP candidate for Central Kingston, Imani Duncan Price.

The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) MP candidate Donovan Williams who was also on the ground to offer support to the fire victims says say residents are in need of supplies.

He said that “we have been assessing the damage but the most immediate need right now is care packages, toiletries, foodstuff because everything is gone. So, we have to ensure that the person’s welfare is taking care of.”

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