It is often said that time can heal all wounds, but for the victims who were recently subjected to terror by arsonists, the passage of time has done little to alleviate their distress. Victims of two separate firebombing incidents, in conversations with CVM News, express that despite the assistance they are receiving, the absence of a stable dwelling, particularly for their children, remains the focal point of their discomfort.

One notable case is the Gocul family, who were tragically affected by the Walker’s Avenue firebombing incident. This devastating event resulted in the loss of two lives, the destruction of eleven homes, and rendered approximately forty-four people homeless. Regrettably, Naomi Gocul, the mother of Annie Gocul, succumbed to the burns she suffered on the morning of the terrifying attack. As they implore for assistance to rebuild their lives, the Gocul family is also making a heartfelt plea for the return of Naomi Gocul’s remains. Watch the report:

Reporter: Celine Campbell