The Director of Elections has transferred the final counting of ballots for the electoral divisions in St. Andrew East Rural for the Local Government Election. The final count will now take place at the Electoral Office of Jamaica’s Head Office at 43 Duke Street, commencing on Wednesday, February 28 at 10:00 a.m.
Under the Representation of the People Act, the Director of Elections may change the place selected for the final counting of ballots.

Section 45(2A) states:
The Chief Electoral Officer, whenever he is satisfied that it is expedient to change the place designated for the final count, may direct the Returning Officer –
(a) to carry out the final count of votes at such place as the Chief Electoral Office may specify and to notify each candidate, within twenty-four hours, of the issue of such a direction; and

(b) to postpone for a period not exceeding forty-eight hours in any one instance, the carrying out of the final count of votes, and to forthwith communicate notice of any such postponement to each candidate.