Fiery Protest in Hayes Following Death of Two Residents

As the news spread through the community of Hayes Clarendon, angry residents vented their frustration by mounting several roadblocks, burning debris, and chanting a call for injustice, demanding the police officers involved, be held accountable. However initial reports of how the passengers were injured were conflicting, with some saying the vehicle was shot at by the lawmen, while others say they were ambushed by gunmen.

By daybreak, residents blocked the Hayes Main Road with debris, stones and set other waste materials ablaze. 

 They are protesting against what they say is the action of the police which led to the death of two of their own.

The road was cleared by members of the security forces, who also managed to get the situation under control. But not for too long. Moments after the road was cleared unsatisfied residents again, blocked it 

However, the head of Clarendon Police Division,  Superintendent Christopher Phillips is debunking claims that the police vehicle was unmarked.

The police also confirmed that no weapon was found in the car as was being rumoured.

However, the police say they were shot at while they approached the vehicle.

Initial reports suggested that the vehicle was shot at by the police, causing the driver to lose control… And so, a team from the Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, was at the crash site on Saturday night. 

On Sunday INDECOM Boss, Hugh Faulkner visited Hayes where the residents demanded answers, Commissioner Faulkner says INDECOM has already launched its own investigation into the incident.