In response to persistent issues of vandalism and theft on Highway 2000, the National Road Operating and Constructing Company Limited (NROCC) is taking measures to combat these problems, with a focus on the Williamsfield leg. The replacement of fencing on this stretch aims to mitigate concerns arising from theft and damage to the protective barriers. Despite ongoing challenges, NROCC remains committed to prioritizing commuter safety. Vandalism, particularly the theft of fencing, has resulted in stray animals entering the highway and causing damage to vehicles. Managing Director Stephen Edwards emphasizes the significant disadvantage this poses to commuters.

Edwards clarifies that while efforts to secure a contractor for the removal of stray animals have proven difficult, the root cause lies in the deliberate removal of fencing. In a recent incident, the fence was intentionally cut and rolled back, necessitating police intervention. Assuring commuters of increased safety measures, Edwards confirms that the fencing on the Williamsfield leg was successfully restored on Monday. The company continues to work towards finding effective solutions to minimize disruptions caused by theft and vandalism along Highway 2000. 


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