Faster Action Needed from First Responders

Eyes are again on first responders, as their efficiency in responding to emergencies is being questioned. In instances of road accidents, quicker response time could reduce the likelihood of fatalities. 

Road safety expert Dr. Lucien Jones says in life and death cases, there is a one-hour window to get the injured person to the hospital to be treated. After last night’s motor vehicle accident in Mandeville- reports are that about 7:25 pm a Honda Civic motor car collided with a motor truck along the Content main road in the vicinity of Kirkvine, Mandeville-  the driver of the Honda Civic motor car was transported to the Mandeville Regional Hospital where he died while undergoing treatment. The deceased has been identified as 48-year-old Carlton Simpson, an electrician of Spring Grove district in Porus, Manchester. 

Concerns have surfaced regarding the response time of first responders with medical experience. When CVM LIVE spoke with the Vice Chairman for the National Road Safety Council, Dr. Lucien Jones, he confirmed there is an emergency response system in the Ministry of Health, as it relates to the first responders’ ambulances, firefighters and police. He noted that in instances where the ambulance does not arrive on the scene of an accident promptly, it is usually because there is not an emergency response team in place in that area. More details in this report:

Reporter: Justin Graham

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