Family Ties: Jamaica, China, And The United States

The United States and China: Jamaica continues to be in the middle of the diplomatic tug of war between the United States and China. The US government is criticizing China’s interest in Jamaica and its growing presence in the Caribbean. But can the Jamaican government withstand the diplomatic peer pressure?

The United States continues to cautiously warn the Jamaican government of what it describes as hidden agendas with the Chinese government.

During a media briefing on Monday, Charge D’affaires, John Mcintyre hailed Jamaica as a leader within the Caribbean but is concerned about the democratic relationship with the communist country; when asked whether the United States believes the Jamaican government is making the best decisions for the people.

Of concern, is the issue of transparency in Jamaica’s awarding of government contracts. Mcintyre says Jamaica and the United States recently signed a memorandum of understanding to  address public procurement. 

In the meantime, Mcintyre says the United States is closely monitoring corruption cases involving government officials.

Jamaila Maitland reports.