Family seeks help: Fifty-year-old Leon Forbes, a mason, and a hardworking father, never dreamt that he would be wheelchair-bound with several bedsores, after a trip to the Spanish Town Hospital nearly a year ago.

His only complaint at the time, was severe pain in the back and waist, after using a jackhammer for work.

A year later he wears a catheter, has several bedsores, and is experiencing a loss of hearing.

Additionally, despite spending some eight months in the hospital, Forbes is no clearer as to a diagnosis.

Now wheelchair-bound, this hardworking father of two and mason has been receiving care from his cousins Diana And Arlene.

To add, his condition has left relatives annoyed with the hospital.

Despite uncertainty about his future, what is clear, at least to his Caregiver, Arlene, is that her cousin was neglected while in hospital.

She questions if this is how the poor are treated by those in the Public Health system. The cousin says she has since contacted the Health Ministry who say they will be investigating the matter.

The relatives are imploring anyone who may be able to assist to contact them at 876-784-6422.

Meanwhile, when CVM Live contacted the hospital’s management we were advised that the team is currently in dialogue with the relatives of the family to conduct further investigations into the matter.

Relatives have confirmed that the hospital has reached out to them.

However, the hospital’s management is distancing itself from claims that a staff member advised the family that Forbes was poorly treated while admitted because he was a social case. The hospital says it has an infirmary for social cases.