The family of  year old Reymond Deans is demanding answers from the Cornwall Regional Hospital after he wads found dead under a bridge in the parish.

It is reported that Deans was admitted at the hospital on Saturday after showing symptoms of dengue but by Sunday, his lifeless body was found under a bridge. His wife, Winsome says she cannot understand how it happened seeing that no one had notified the family that Deans was discharged.

She says a friend of the family had seen Deans on Sunday morning and he had shared some concerns and bend down to pray. Since then, no one knew of his whereabouts.

The sister of Raymond Deans says social media users are making statements against the family, saying they should not be blaming the hospital. She, However, believes that the hospital must be held accountable as Deans was left in their care.

Following the incident, the Regional Director of the Western Regional Health Authority, Errol Greene has  made a statement. He says an investigation will be carried out once a formal report is received. He, however, believes that due processes ought to have been followed.