Families Protest Alleged Poor Treatment of Inmates at Greater Portmore Lockup 

A demonstration led by the relatives of some prisoners at the Greater Portmore Police Station revealed the alleged poor treatment of inmates inside the lockup. The relatives are accusing the police of brutalizing and withholding food from their loved ones. But, the head of the police division denies the allegations. 

Shakira Facey, whose son has been imprisoned since February says visits have been prohibited for over five months. Subsequently, she tells CVM LIVE she’s only been able to communicate with her son through his lawyer, who relays the horror stories. 

Another parent whose son has been imprisoned for over two years is accusing the police of using the prison as an opportunity for revenge. She says it should be a place for rehabilitation, thus urging the government to employ more councillors to aid in that process. 

Meanwhile, Senior Superintendent for the St Catherine South Police Division Christopher Phillips tells our news team the allegations are a gross mishandling of the truth. Other police sources have also hinted at the prisoner’s continued use of phones and other contrabands in the lockup. Watch the report:

Reporters: Velonique Bowen

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