Falmouth Mayor, Colin Gager is bemoaning the impact of the pandemic on the local cruise shipping industry. This as he says myriad businesses in the tourist hub have been battered by the loss of business due to a halt in cruise ship arrivals.

Memories of a time when cruise ships docked regularly at the Falmouth pier, linger with Mayor Colin Gager. This as he says the prevailing pandemic has robbed many craft vendors and business people of the tourist destination of a living, with little to no business.

Speaking Friday, September 3, the Falmouth Mayor says the town anxiously awaits the return of cruise ships, as it has been an income-generating option that has helped to bring life and wealth to the parish. He notes that the Falmouth pier as been a part to the town and many persons in the communities have benefited tremendously from the diversity in businesses that the docking of ships have created.

Meantime, the Mayor says the municipality has also had to render support to members of the business community despite less than normal intake. Cruising back to normality will require locals to do more, the mayor says vaccination is the way.

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