Falmouth Hospital Seeing Reduction In A&E Visits

Falmouth, Trelawny: The Health and Wellness Ministry previously announced that hospital facilities in the western end of the island are over their COVID-19 isolation capacity.

But Parish Manager for Trelawny’s Health Services, Lorene Whinstanley, says non-COVID-19 admissions are substantially lower.

She notes the reduction especially for persons seeking medical attention at the Accident and Emergency Department.

She says the department was usually unmanageable with daily visits of up to 70 to 80 persons. But now they are seeing on average approximately 40 to 50 patients.

The stay at home orders is being credited for the reduction.

Additionally, says public education within surrounding communities have increased, with focus on COVID-19 prevention, dengue control, HIV and AIDs. 

CVM Live‘s Robian Williams brings this report: