As Jamaicans brace for potential polls in the near future, the Representation of the People Act and other factors play a role in determining the election date, ultimately resting in the hands of the governing party. The Local Government Election is expected by February 28, 2024, unless there is an attempt to postpone. The Electoral Office of Jamaica, considering logistical aspects, typically favors holding elections during school breaks. Director of Elections Glasspole Brown points to the upcoming midterms, coinciding with the Ash Wednesday period on February 14, as a potential window. The government, adhering to the Representation of the People Act, has a 28-day timeline between calling an election and conducting polls. Nomination day falls five days after the announcement, with the actual election occurring between 16 to 23 days later. For a February 15 or 16 election, the announcement would need to be made this weekend, subject to the decision of the governing party.
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