Expired AstraZeneca Vaccines not Cause for Worry

Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton says Jamaicans need not worry about receiving an expired jab as despite the expiration of some thousand AstraZeneca vaccines, more vaccines are available.

He says when the UK gifted the vaccines they had a 2-month shelf life. Earlier this week the Ministry announced the batch would expire at midnight on Thursday, September 30. Scores of people turned up to get their second dose or first dose of the vaccine upon hearing the news.

The crowds at the Good Samaritan Inn and St. Joseph Hospital vaccination sites were due largely in part to persons who turned up for their second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. At St. Joseph’s dozens of people could be seen under tents while the rain dampened progress.

Many aired their confusion about the closing of the National Arena, which was the first stop for many on Thursday, September 30. Dr. Christoper Tufton assures that the Ministry has not run out of vaccines and that no expired vaccines will be given. He explained the reason this batch has expired so quickly.

The expired AstraZeneca vaccines will be properly disposed of. However, almost 400,000 Astrazeneca vaccines from another batch will maintain administration.

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