Lately, the media has been inundated with reports of well-known Jamaicans going missing, suspected kidnappings or abductions, and cases of suspected murders where the bodies have yet to be discovered. However, the question arises: How much do Jamaicans really know about what to expect in such dire situations? Do they have the knowledge to counter these incidents or protect themselves if caught in this perilous web?

From the troubling case of the missing social media influencer, Donna Lee Donaldson, now feared dead, to recent reports of a mother and child –  Toshyna Patterson and 10-month-old Sarayah Paulwell, Daughter of Politician Phillip Paulwell- suspected to be victims of an abduction, and the disappearance of entertainer Medikk, it’s evident that most Jamaicans still lack a clear understanding of how to react in such circumstances or how to seek assistance. Dr. Jason McKay, a certified hostage negotiator and a seasoned criminologist with almost two decades of experience, shares his insights on dealing with kidnappings and missing persons in the Jamaican context. Dr. McKay emphasizes that some Jamaicans continue to misinterpret the terms “kidnapping” or “abductions,” pointing out that many individuals reported missing were never subjected to kidnapping or abduction, and in some instances, they choose to disappear voluntarily. Watch the report:

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