What began as a discussion turns into a thriving Project at Oracabessa Health Centre – The Oracabessa Health Centre is set to undergo significant changes as it transitions from a mere discussion to an active project in motion. Serving approximately 20,000 citizens, this essential clinic is being expanded at a cost of $2.1 million, a direct response to the demands and requests of the community.

Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary, Robert Montague, explained that the constituents have long been seeking a more comprehensive and conveniently located healthcare facility. Consequently, Mr. Montague proudly announced that work is already underway to extend the Oracabessa Health Centre. Mr Montague went on to emphasize that the facility, which caters to thousands of residents and plays a vital role in supporting the local tourism industry, currently lacks a dedicated doctor due to space constraints. While doctors do visit the facility regularly, none are stationed there permanently. Watch the report:

Reporter: Celine Campbell 

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