Executives of the PNP To Meet On Monday

Executives of the PNP to meet on Monday – Meanwhile, the People’s National Party (PNP) is in the decision making phase of choosing a leader of the opposition and party leader, following the recent resignation of Dr. Peter Phillips. 

The Executive Committee of the PNP is expected to meet on Monday, September 14, to effectively plan the party’s course of action over the next couple of weeks.  

It is often said, that the effectiveness of parliament largely depends on the strength of the opposition; questioning the government of the day and holding them accountable while equally having at heart the best interests of the people.

Presently, many believe that the future of the People’s National Party hangs in the balance. One Member of Parliament elect is suggesting a ‘Mediation Team’ for the party.

Brown-Burke is confident that even with 15 representatives, the party will effectively carry out its duties.

Robian Williams has more in this report- Executives of the PNP: