Essential Workers at Wits E.N.D.S, Calls for Improvement

There has been a vexing issue among essential workers under the Disaster Risk Management Act, as they are expressing concern with the process of getting essential items such as food from restaurants in the quick-service industry during the lockdown.

Quick service restaurants are unable to directly serve customers who are legitimately on the road during no movement days. Priority is being given to the Government’s E-Commerce National Delivery Solution, ENDS.

It is however, evident, the system is overwhelmed with the volume of orders being placed through various delivery providers, with customers being told to expect delays. One worker says they believe workers who are out on the no movement days should be excused especially when wearing their work uniform or have their IDs.

Members of the security forces were also turned away from food establishments. A police officer shares his discontent with the process, saying as officers they are always on the move and deliveries do take a while, so purchasing on the go would be quite beneficial for them.

Managing director of Restaurants of Jamaica, Mark Myers says it is an unfortunate situation, but their hands are tied when it comes to meeting the requests of the essential workers, while CEO and owner of Island Grill, Thalia Lyn shared similar sentiments.

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