Director of elections at the Electoral Office of Jamaica, Glasspole Brown says the government could save roughly one billion dollars by hosting the local and general elections simultaneously. According to Brown, the last local election, held in November 2016, raked in a bill of approximately 1.3B, while the September 2020 general election cost 1.6B.

The director explains the cost of manpower, which has increased over the years, would account for the majority of the savings. But, he adds, there is no indication to suggest the government will take this route in the upcoming election season.

On Tuesday, Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke approved a 1.7B budget for the long overdue local elections.

Is The EOJ Ready For Local Gov’t Elections?

The nation remains vigilant in anticipation of the upcoming local government elections, as the two primary political factions intensify their campaign efforts. Additionally, the recent expansion of the national budget, in part to accommodate an election-related bill, has further heightened speculations surrounding the electoral process. Watch the report:

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