Entertainment Stakeholders Must Work Together

Amidst several calls for the reopening of the entertainment sector, one operator of a popular entertainment joint in St. James says he’s been using new ways to cater to his customers. He is however urging stakeholders to end the blame game and collectively adhere to the COVID-19 protocols to swiftly return to normality.

The entertainment sector has been one of the major sectors ravaged by the advent of COVID-19. Owner and operator of popular entertainment hub Pier One in St. James, Jason Russell says the series of no movement days has placed a strain on many businesses in the area.

He highlights that though this current period the influxes of persons are at a minimal; his establishment has gone on board with reaching customers online. Russell says currently the ENDS programme is working and that even on the no movement days the restaurant is still up and running. He notes that Pier One has not closed it is doors and has managed to stay afloat. He says he has to be planning strategically given the uncertainty of the fluctuating curfew hours.

Russel also adds that collaborative effort within the entertainment sector and the wider population is needed to return to normalcy.

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