Entertainment Players Call On Government To Reopen Sector

It’s been almost seven months since the partial reopening and subsequent closure of the entertainment industry in Jamaica due to COVID-19 restrictions on social gatherings.

Now with the active case rate lower than before, calls are increasing for another trial period, as players in the sector continue to endure the brunt of the closure.

Managing Director Of Dream Entertainment Limited, Scott Dunn says the multi-billion dollar industry has been on the bench since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its dependents are still suffering drastically.

He says the situation appears to be prejudicial on the government’s part. The initial plan back in July 2020 was to have three distinct phases which would see a gradual reopening of the entertainment sector.

But those plans were later shelved following breaches of the prescribed guidelines. Since then, Dunn says there’s been dialogue with government however there is no action. 

Despite the lockdown, illegal events are being held and to the extent where members of the security forces have been injured when attempting to shut down these events.