Energy Minister Welcomes Venezuela Oil Source Suggestions

Acknowledging the recommendations from the Opposition Spokesman on Energy, Phillip Paulwell, Energy Minister, Daryl Vaz, is considering the re-engagement of oil sourcing from Venezuela. Minister Vaz says the move will be discussed further as he announces the government’s current plan.

The government continues its pursuit to expand Jamaica’s oil sources, following the Russia-Ukraine invasion where sanctions imposed on Russia threaten a potential global energy crisis. Minister Vaz reassures that a discussion will be had at length about sourcing the commodity from the South American country. However, he says there is another source of oil in the pipeline, which the Ministry through Petrojam, is currently pursuing.

Meanwhile, the Energy Minister says once again he’s forced to address the statements made by the Opposition Spokesman on Energy, as it pertains to the recommendation of the Zacca Report. The report was established in response to issues related to the management of Jamaica’s oil refinery, Petrojam. Watch the full report:

Report: Justin Graham.