Science, Energy and Technology Minister Daryl Vaz is reassuring the public that the oil supply chain for Jamaica is secure, following recent concerns raised on the disruption in Eastern Europe. He insists any dislocation of supply from Russia will only create an opportunity for other suppliers to fill the gap of supplying fuel.

Minister Vaz adds the situation is actively being monitored. Energy Minister Vaz says Jamaica’s fuel arrangements are not in jeopardy despite the instability in Eastern Europe. Minister Vaz asserts where there is a disruption of supply from Russia, this will create an opportunity for other suppliers to ramp up and meet that shortfall.

He’s reassuring the public; Jamaica has three to four weeks reserve supply of finish product and six weeks of crude. The Minister says what the government cannot predict prices for fuel, however the funds are available to make the necessary purchase. Meanwhile, the energy minister says a team from Petrojam has returned from Nigeria after finalizing the understanding of a memorandum on oil and gas cooperation.