Emotions Flared in House of Parliament

The House of Parliament erupted this afternoon after Opposition Member of Parliament (MP) for St Andrew South Western, Dr. Angela Brown-Burke objected to Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke’s labeling Opposition Leader, Mark Golding “Massa Mark.”

While addressing the ‘no new tax budget,’ in six consecutive years, Finance Minister referred to the Opposition Leader Mark Golding as “Master Mark”, which saw MP Angela Brown Burke, standing on a point of order. Her point of order was quickly followed by Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives Edmund Bartlett’s point of order who highlighted how she spoke to a fellow Member of Parliament, which he described as “unparliamentary language, in the honorable house that indicated that the Member should shut his mouth.”

Burke was adamant that the comments made by the Finance Minister were also unparliamentary. Bartlett proceeded to explain that the speech is unbecoming and that the statement made by Burke be withdrawn. Member of Parliament for Kingston East and Port Royal Phillip Paulwell stood to clarify the issue to the House, however, the speaker of the House ruled that Member Bruke used unparliamentary language, while requesting that she withdraws the statement. Burke quickly responded by saying she will not withdraw her statement on the Speaker’s terms. She then said she is willing to withdraw, once she was able to clear the air in the House. Member of Parliament (MP) Lisa Hanna, also stood on a point of order to clarify ‘unparliamentary language,’ in the meanwhile, the Opposition Leader among others from his administration walked out of the House.

More details to come.