According to the police, two top tier members of the notorious Klansman gang, are among eleven people who were shot at a party in Portmore, St. Catherine on Friday night.

One of the gang members Kemar Tummings, also called ‘Night and Day’ succumbed to his injuries.. 

The police identified the other gang member as Marcus Smith who the police say is  wanted for murder.

Reports from the Patrol Team are  that they were in the Old Braeton area When They Saw Vehicles Parked in a churchyard on the main road and went to investigate.

However,  no noise was  coming from the  area and so the patrol team proceeded on foot.

Upon approaching Brown’s Lane, explosions were heard and groups of people were seen  running in different directions.

The JCF says the police did not open  fire.

CVM Live spoke with Senior Superintendent of Police Stephanie Lindsay, she says a gang feud erupted at the party.. 

Our news team observed blood stains at the scene which testifies to the vicious gun attack.

CVM Live understands that the other victims are being treated at  hospital, three is said to be in serious condition.

The party was in breach of the nightly curfew order, under the Disaster Risk Management Act.

SSP Lindsay says there have been numerous reports of illegal parties, having a deadly ending.

Christeen Forbes reports: