More mayhem and grief, this time on Warrica Road in Norwood, St. James where 8 people were shot, three fatally. The brazen gun attack has left the police hot on the trail of the suspects one of whom died while attempting to flee the area.

Member of Parliament and National Security Minister, Dr. Horace Chang says one of the victims was a bright; young man he helped with accessing schooling, meanwhile, a 14 year old is battling for life following the ordeal. 

Dr. Chang says it’s crucial citizens help rid the country of illegal guns. CVM Live understands that just days before, three people perished when gunmen sprayed 7, in Norwood, St. James. Barely beyond that grief and another brazen mass shooting, at about 11 Saturday morning, has one police officer believe it is a possible reprisal. The North West St. James Member of Parliament admits things had quieted for a while under the zone of special operations in the parish. He bemoans the tragedy which claimed the lives of at least one youngster he said had so much potential and left another critically injured. He’s urging Jamaicans to do more to help rid the country of illegal guns and ammunition.