Education Minister Suggests Parents Enroll 3-Month-Old Babies in School

Citing research that shows children who receive early education are more likely to excel academically, the Education Minister is calling on parents to enroll their children in schools from as early as 3 months old.  Though existing Jamaican laws instruct parents to enroll children in schools by the age of three years, the Minister of Education, Fayval Williams offers a different proposition, she suggests children as early as three months old can and should be enrolled in brain builders centres, the government’s equivalent of daycare centres.  The Minster insists, if parents wait until three years old to enroll children in a structured environment,

They run the risk of cognitive delays and their child missing a head start on social and emotional skills.

She advises there are over 132 Brain Builders’ Centres across the island. The Education Minister, speaking at an Early Childhood Certification Fair, says the call is further fueled by information obtained from an assessment done on most 4-year-olds across the island last year. Watch the report:

Reporter: Natalia Clarke

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