Eco Friendly Farming In Portland

Two organisations have partnered to teach farmers in Portland a more Eco Friendly way to plant particular crops. The aim is to implement a series of site conservation practices to assist farmers while ensuring that their methods aren’t negatively impacting the environment. It is being facilitated by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and the Alligator Head Foundation in the parish. The aim facilitate Eco Friendly planting means in order to preserve the environment through climate smart agriculture.

Farmers were on site to learn from the representatives from RADA on how to improve their farming practices. The parish of Portland is known for its contribution to the agricultural sector through bananas, coconuts and breadfruit.

Most of its coastal strip has been designated as land suitable for cultivation with almost no limitation. No other agricultural land has been attributed with this description in Jamaica. The Banana industry has never returned to its original yield of the eighteenth century but this industry still continues to contribute significantly to the country’s total yield per year.

This new means of farming is expected to facilitate greater production of main crops thereby benefiting the country’s economy.