Eco-friendly Bikes in Jamaica After COP26

One climate change advocate and businessman is doing what he can to prevent human activity from harming the planet. He hopes to inspire environmental responsibility by availing electric bikes to Jamaicans.

On the heels of COP26, Elias Lee Issa, owner of Telesco says motorcycles in Jamaica are ten times more polluting than public passenger cars. He has embarked on a new venture to peddle electric bikes a first-of-its-kind venture in Jamaica.

The eco-friendly bikes can be plugged into a household outlet and are powered by one or two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. They can go between 75 and 150 kilometers.  The CEO affirms eco-friendly vehicles and bikes are a sure way to see positive environmental change. The bikes emit no exhaust fumes and are noise-free. E-scooters and environmentally friendly delivery bikes are also available. But why are eco-friendly-type vehicles picking up traction globally?

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell