ECC Comments on Online Learning for Infants

ECC responds to parents’ concerns: There will be no face-to-face learning in a classroom come October 5. This means that for Early Childhood Institutions, learning will continue for infants on electronic devices. 

The Early Childhood Commission (ECC) has warned against overly exposing children to these devices. 

CVM LIVE’s reporter, Robian Williams engaged the Commission with concerns parents are having at this time. The Commission expressed that despite the pushback on face-to-face learning it is confident that an alliance can be formed with the parents and teachers to further facilitate online learning. It is often said that the most important phase of life is the first few years when you are a child. The Commission says parental involvement is a big component to a child’s development and so too is the teaching-learning process.

Chairman of the Commission Trisha Williams Singh says additional support is always welcome.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised as it relates to parents being required to pay school fees in full. These concerns come after the absence of teaching in September and the pushback of the academic term.

One question posed by parents is, will there be a rollover of the fees to cover the month of January when a new school term begins or will parents be required again to pay in full another school fee come January? To this Williams Singh explains that there are three tiers in the Early Childhood Sector. These include the Private institutions that receive no subsidiary from the government, the Infant schools that are fully funded by the Government, and should not be charging any fees, and the existence of original institutions that are subsidized by the Government.

In addition, the Commission is encouraging parents to visit their website where free learning materials can be found or to download the 1st 1000 days app to assist in the learning process at home.

Robian Williams, for CVM LIVE reports: