Early Childhood Institutions Gets Ready For School

Schools at all levels are getting ready to reopen on October 5, but for early childhood institutions, more emphasis will need to be placed on safeguarding children 6 years and younger from the coronavirus. The Early Childhood Commission (ECC) says most of it’s institutions are ready to facilitate learning under the COVID-19 restrictions. Chairman of the Commission, Trisha Williams-Singh says inspectors have gone out to assist schools in rearranging facilities to prevent the spread of the virus.

She adds that the Commission has visited more than one thousand early childhood institutions, most of which are ready to facilitate learning amidst the pandemic. Moreso early childhood educators and daycare staff are expected to pay particular attention to the well-being of each child. The Chairman says schools are required to maintain a physical distance of at least 3 feet and that children 0-2 years will not be required to wear masks considering the risks involved. However, children 3 years and older must wear a mask to school.

While the institutions at higher levels are burdened by the digital divide, the ECC is reminding parents that young children should not be overly exposed to electronic devices. And as many parents remain hesitant about sending their children into the classroom, Williams Singh says the parents should try as best as possible to find ways to ensure the child’s education is not put on pause.