Dust Protest Remedied in Quick Succession

Residents of Trinityville, St Thomas blocked a section of the roadway on Tuesday claiming they are becoming increasingly sick of the dust created by the road which is under construction. Some residents also complained about how it is impacting mobility.

A water truck was however sent hours later to fix the issue. A roadblock and placards were featured by the people from Trinityville in St Thomas who lament dust from the road now under construction have surpassed being a nuisance becoming a health hazard. 

On Tuesday residents mounted all the possible elements they could find demanding that the contractors wet the road. While they are cognizant of the fact that the island is experiencing the early stages of a drought. They say there is a nearby river which water can be accessed from. The action of residents was later met with a response from a water truck sent to appease them. Watch the report:

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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