Drowned Livestock, Flooded Farms in Aenon Town

Farmers in Aenon Town, Clarendon are dismayed after tropical storm Ida left their farmlands covered in mud and their homes uninhabitable. The farmers say it will take a while for them to get back on their feet.

The downpour left many flooded farms, drowned livestock, and massive mud build-up, which displaced many residents from their homes. One of the farmers who has been living in Aenon Town for thirty-five (35) years says he was restless during the showers. He explains that when he began to see the water level rising, he left with his wife and three children and sought refuge from a family member. Furniture damaged by water and mud was evident during the walk-through. An elder said during the downpour, all he could see was water, now, he is left with damaged furniture, such as the fridge and bed, that are now useless to him and his family.

One farmer said he had no idea they would be experiencing such loss.

Residents in the farming community say it will take days for them to clean up their homes however, as for their farms they have suffered a great loss, that will take them some time to try and recover.

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