Drax Hall Hosts First Drive-Thru Blitz

A new method of administering vaccines was rolled out at the boot service station in Drax Hall, St. Ann. The owner of the station Wayne Boothe collaborated with other businesses to host a drive-through vaccination blitz on Sunday, September 19.

Cars lined up in St. Ann for the Drax Hall drive-thru blitz on Sunday. Everything from registration to vaccination was done without persons having to leave their vehicles. The initiative was hosted at the boot service station where founder Mr. Boothe shared his excitement at the turnout.

Cars turned up as early as 6:30 am for the 10 am blitz. First in line were Janice Williams and her husband. This initiative is the first of its kind and was fully endorsed by the former Custos of St. Ann, Radcliffe Walters, he says is a step forward in bringing the vaccine to people.

Doctors and nurses were on-site to administer the vaccine; including Dr. Krystal Binns-Lee volunteered to be a part of the day’s events, which she says had a good turnout.

Patrons were treated to refreshment and the first 60 motorists carrying at least two people to be vaccinated were given a gift voucher for 10 litres of gas.

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