Drainage System Blamed For Flooding In Portland

A makeshift drainage system along Matthews Avenue, Portland is being blamed for flooding in the area. Residents say despite efforts to clean the drain, a heavy downpour often leads to widespread flooding of homes and properties.

In May of this year, residents had called on the municipal corporation to step in and assist, with the drainage system.

“We are living in a flood-prone area. If our drains are not cleaned on a regular basis like monthly or every other month we have flooding due to the fact that we are in the rainy season,” shared Miguel, a concerned resident.

Now, the residents are making the call again, saying the drain needs to be rebuilt to prevent flooding of homes, whenever it rains.

“Jamaica get independence sixty-odd years now and from this deh yah it no look ’bout,” said another resident. “A sixty-odd years this no address. From me born this stay the same way a flood til them come and build sewage and make matters work. We a bawl fi help round here to see if we can get help from the government or Member of Parliament.”

A section of the drain is filled with stagnant water and has become a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. There is also an issue with garbage not being collected on time and disposed improperly along the roadway.

“The drain full a debris and part of the drain can’t clean because it covers down and is one man them have a clean it and him no come regular,” the resident shared. “Them open-drain them send some man fi come skim out skim out something and left-back most of the things in deh so it needs fi address.”

Mayor of Portland, Paul Thompson has been made aware of the issue and has made a commitment to address it. However, residents are concerned that the measure to be implemented will be a short term quick fix and not the long term maintenance they have been anticipating and eager for.