In a bold and passionate response to recent criticism, Dr. Rupert Francis, the embattled head of the Jamaica Diaspora Crime Intervention and Prevention Task Force, dismissed claims of political motives behind his controversial letter threatening to expose the Jamaican government. The renowned figure, whose mission centers on addressing issues impacting the diaspora, particularly the nation’s youth, aimed at State Minister Alando Terrelonge, who had suggested that Dr. Francis was acting alone in his efforts to embarrass the government. Speaking exclusively to CVM News at noon on Friday, Dr. Francis vehemently denied any political agenda, emphasizing that his focus is solely on advocating for a better future for Jamaica’s youth. Undeterred by criticism, he directly addressed State Minister Terrelonge’s comments the previous day, where Terrelonge asserted that most diaspora members did not support Dr. Francis.

In response, Dr. Francis challenged Terrelonge’s assertions, highlighting that his cause has garnered significant support from the international community. Dismissing attempts to undermine his advocacy, Dr. Francis asserted that he is already receiving widespread backing from international media and partners. The controversy intensified as the Global Diaspora Council and its youth arm distanced themselves from Dr. Francis’s letter. The letter had called for protests and action against crime and political issues affecting the diaspora. Despite this, Dr. Francis insisted that those disassociating from his call for action constitute a minority with affiliations to the governing party. He expressed confidence that his push for change is resonating with the broader diaspora community.

The State Minister’s assertion that the Government of Jamaica maintains a positive relationship with the diaspora was met with skepticism by Dr. Francis, who believes that the challenges faced by the diaspora demand a more proactive and committed approach. As the controversy unfolds, Dr. Francis remains steadfast in his commitment to effecting positive change. His advocacy, while drawing criticism from some quarters, continues gaining momentum nationally and internationally. The implications of his actions and the response from various diaspora groups remain a topic of intense scrutiny and debate, as the Jamaican public watches closely to see how this unfolding drama will impact the nation’s diaspora relations and domestic politics.

Reporter: Neika Lewis

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