Dr Clarke: Wage Talks at A Delicate Stage

Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke says talks with the unions in the public sector are at a delicate stage as the wage negotiations continue. However, the Minister told CVM LIVE steps are being taken to reduce the compensation scale from in the hundreds to 16 categories. He notes this is crucial for any modern bureaucracy.

When questioned on just what it would mean for public sector workers when the government revises the payment structure and scale, the Finance Minister explains the delicate nature of the ongoing wage talks limits what he can say. Dr Clarke says the current compensation structure in the public sector is unfair and imbalanced.

He reiterates the dire need for reform. The Minister told CVM LIVE, all jobs in the public sector will now fit into one of the soon-to-be 16 bands, noting the United Kingdom has only 7 categories in the public sector. He says the changes will also create greater levels of transparency in the sector. Watch the full report for more details:

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