Dr Clarke: Path Students Will No Longer Need SLB Guarantors

Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke has highlighted how the proposed 2023/2024 1 trillion-dollar budget will be spent to among other things reduce the country’s high debt and create opportunities to maintain economic gains coming out of the Pandemic. He was speaking in the parliament during the opening of the budget debates Tuesday. 

The fiscal commissioner will become a guardian and interpreter of Jamaica’s fiscal rules.

Major highways and bypasses, long-promised development projects to become a reality for Downtown Kingston, and the Government of Jamaica to inject more into the budget for the university of the west indies to launch an economic think tank.

Insisting Jamaica has the capacity to become the breakout country of the 21st century Dr Clarke says scholarships will become available for stem teachers at select local universities and promises to eliminate to the need for guarantors for path students accessing higher education through the SLB. 

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