National Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang has issued a challenge to members of the Rotary Club in Downtown Kingston, to bring about meaningful change to the communities in and around the area, while aligning its projects with the government’s investments and interventions to challenged communities. He was speaking recently at an installation ceremony.

It was expressed that citizens should also play their part in restoring the safety and good order to Downtown, Kingston. According to Dr. Horace Chang, Downtown Kingston, which is the largest commercial business district in Jamaica, has been characterized by a long history of violent activities and social and infrastructural decay for far too long.

During his presentation, He encouraged members of the Rotary Club of Downtown Kingston to align its projects with the government’s investments and interventions especially within challenged communities in the area.

Dr. Chang points out that social investments, training, and education are crucial to the successful transformation of these volatile communities. He notes that a sustainable reduction in criminal violence requires a transformed police force, and spoke to the improvements of the security forces. 

“Education is the most critical element in establishing what we call Ontological security for individuals who are challenged”

Dr. Horace Chang, National Security Minister

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