Dr Chang Makes No Apology For “Shoot to Kill” Comment

National Security Minister, Dr Horace Chang, says there is no need to withdraw his advice to fire-back at armed criminals. He adds many stakeholders are sensationalizing his comment to what was not meant to encourage any unusual action by the police. Dr Chang insists if an officer comes under attack by armed criminals they should return fire, adding this is standard procedure across the globe.

The Security Minister says there is no need to retract what was said, noting such a statement is not meant to encourage any unusual action. He also says the professional standards branch is working assiduously to lean further away from corruption in the force. Meanwhile, the Minister says there’s been dialogue with the opposition for over a year, which has led to a broad consensus on numerous measures to reform the police force and crime-fighting initiatives.  He says many communities are in fear due to the recent expansion of drive-by shootings, admitting the country is experiencing a crime epidemic.

 Reporter: Justin Graham