Dr Chang: Let’s Not Politicize the SSL Matter

National Security Minister Dr Horace Chang says the thought that the Opposition could seek to distract from the massive fraud investigation at Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) in some of their recent comments on the matter is an act he condemns. 

Jamaica Labour Party General Secretary and Deputy Prime Minister Dr Horace Chang is refraining from a direct response to critics in the Opposition who have been demanding answers and making pronouncements on the government’s handling of the unprecedented fraud under investigation at SSL. He says while there was a need for comment from Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke, based on the nature of the issue, it is not a matter to be politicized. This after several members of the PNP to include Party Leader, Mark Golding, the PNP general secretary, and other supporters have demanded resignations and answers from the government since the saga unfolded.

The Security Minister frowned upon the opposition’s response which he suggests if nothing else has served as a distraction. More than 3 billion dollars allegedly vanished from the accounts of dozens of clients at the private investment firm over a period of ten years. The scandal broke this month with a multi-agency probe now underway to find out exactly what happened, and who is at fault. More details below:

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