DPP: ‘ The Village Is Failing the Children’

Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn is blasting perpetrators and facilitators of child abuse, she says her office will not be lenient in prosecuting them.

The DPP says too often the village is failing the children it should protect.

DPP Llewellyn says too often the village fails the children it should protect.

She referenced several cases in which parents and guardians, because of economic benefits, look the other way when children are being sexually abused by family members or persons known to them.

In many instances the DPP says the police or other agencies are blamed for not administering justice, when in reality the suspected cases of child abuse are not being reported.

The DPP who was speaking during the virtual meeting of the Downtown Kingston Rotary Club says the law won’t be partial in prosecuting those who breach the child care and protection act.