Double tragedy in Shooters Hill: Screams of residents echoed in Passion Gardens also called Toby Gully, in  Shooters Hill on Saturday morning. This was after residents found the body of fifteen year old Saneeka Leechman. 

CVM LIVE understands that sometime around 11:30, residents noticed the body and began calling out to the girl, however she was unresponsive.

She had been missing for more than 24-hours when the landslide buried the house where she lived with her father, Romeo Leechman, on Friday. He also died.

Residents were forced to call off their search when the rain began pouring at around 12 a.m. on Saturday, setting back their attempts to locate the teenager.

They relaunched the search at 5 a.m., ending with the devastating discovery.

Residents say they are in disbelief and they were praying that she would still be alive.

They are also criticizing the Police and the Jamaica Fire Brigade describing their response as slow while arguing that there was little to no assistance from the first responders.

But Member of Parliament for area, Juliet Holness says the location made it almost impossible for first responders to assist citing the extent of the damage cause by the landslide.

In the meantime, she says she is committed to providing support to the family who are mourning two lives during this tragedy.

Jamaila Maitland bring this CVM LIVE update: