In a devastating incident that occurred just minutes after 1 PM today, a man and a woman lost their lives when they were forcibly taken from a taxi in Salt Spring, St. James. The victims were en route from Flower Hill within the parish when this tragic event unfolded, leaving a household in mourning and a school community deeply traumatized. The now deceased, identified as twenty-two-year-old Imani Jarrett and her spouse, known only as Damion at the time of this report, were traveling in a vehicle from Flower Hill. Upon reaching the vicinity of the Salt Spring Primary and Infant School, their car was intercepted, and the couple was forcibly removed and subsequently shot. Sylvan Reid, the Councillor Caretaker for the area, has revealed that an ongoing feud has been simmering in the community in recent weeks. He has raised pertinent questions about why no preventive measures or strategies were put in place to avert the potential eruption of violence. The Salt Spring community is now grappling with the repercussions of this brazen daylight double murder, which has left them in shock and mourning.

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Reporter:  Kimberly Henry

Reports: News – CVM TV